The best scenic viewpoints in and around Stuttgart
The best scenic viewpoints in and around Stuttgart
Baden-Württemberg‎ / Stuttgart Region
As far as the eye can see...

Stuttgart's topography is unique: the city lies in a valley basin, enclosed by green hills and vineyards. They offer wonderful panoramic views over the surrounding countryside and the town centre.

There's a delightful view of the Stuttgart valley basin from Weissenburg Park and its Teahouse. Set on a hill in the southeast of town, the Teahouse, with its romantic Art Nouveau ambience, serves coffee, lemonade, cakes and more substantial dishes at an airy height. 

Still unknown to many locals: Santiago de Chile Square in Stuttgart-Haigst. The terraced site affords views over Palace Square, Charlotte Square and much more besides. An orientation table provides information on the various sights that can be seen.

The steep steps of the Eugensstaffel lead up to beautiful Eugensplatz with the Galatea Fountain. From this square you literally have the whole city at your feet. In the summer months, locals and visitors alike enjoy the view even more with a delicious ice from the nearby "Pinguin" ice cream parlour. 

If you're looking for a far-reaching 360° view and want to survey the Stuttgart valley basin with its vineyards from on high, then you won't want to miss the hill known as Karlshöhe and its beer garden. The beer garden is set in a park with vines, a children's playground and English gardens. 

Birkenkopf, the hill affectionately nicknamed "Monte Scherbelino" ("Mount Rubble"), lies in the west of Stuttgart and is the highest point in the inner-city area with a height of 511 metres. In the aftermath of World War II, 15 million cubic metres of debris were deposited on its summit, some of it still visible today. From here there's a fantastic view over Stuttgart. 

In the middle of Killesberg Hill Park stands the 42-metre-high Killesberg Tower. The unique structure consists of a steel lattice construction with four observation platforms at different heights. From the highest level there are sweeping views over the Stuttgart Region.

Not far from Killesberg Hill Park, rising out of the houses that surround it, there's the 20-metre-high Bismarck Tower. After climbing its 92 steps, you're rewarded by fantastic panoramic views. Without doubt one of the most beautiful views over Stuttgart's vineyards and the Neckar Valley is from the Royal Burial Chapel on the Württemberg. The mausoleum was erected by King Wilhelm I as a token of his love for his consort, Queen Katharina, following her premature death. If you like, you can combine the view from the Burial Chapel with a walk through the vineyards. 

Stuttgart's scenic lookout points can also be explored on a Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH "Tower Tour": From the Killesberg Tower the walk takes you to the Bismarck Tower, and finally to the Kriegsberg Tower, which is normally not open to the general public.

For the event "Tag der Aussichten" ("Prospects Day") on 29th and 30th June 2019, towns and communities in the Stuttgart Region invite you to discover unforgettable, unique views from their towers, hills and castles.

Text: Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH

Photo: Blick vom Teehaus, © Stuttgart-Marketing GmbH / Romeo Felsenreich



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