Off season from heated fields…


Asparagus probably is the best loved vegetable in Germany. As soon as it can be obtained in mid-April something resembling some sort of “feeding frenzy” seems to start all over the county: Each and everyone starts to eat those long, white stakes (well, some actually prefer the green ones even in Germany, mostly Francophiles though).

Since everybody is graving asparagus soon after crocuses and snowdrops have shown themselves, producers try every way imaginable to produce this delicacy as early as possible. And now they have found a way: heated fields. Since “early” asparagus can be sold for much higher prices than normal, the costs to heat asparagus fields pay of nicely.

If you should visit Germany starting after April 15th, you can partake in the consumption of this harbinger of spring. Most Germans love to eat asparagus along with potatoes boiled in their jacket, boiled ham and béchamel sauce … Try it out, you won´t be disappointed!


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