Dozent St. Gallen Business School for Leadership
Ernst Aschi Wyrsch
„In your holiday you want to meet people, not concepts“

Why are you a GermanyFan?

I am a fan of Germany because I like the people and because I am fond of the landscape.


What is you relation with Germany?

I visit Germany a lot for business and many of my customers are German nationals.


Which region in Germany do you like most?

Bavaria and Bad Neuenahr (a wine producing region).


Which town in Germany do you like most of all?

Bad Neuenahr.


Which sights should be visited in Germany by all means?

Berlin, Hamburg, and Munich.


What makes Germany special as a travelling destination?

The people – the language – the „gemutlichkeit“ and the punctualness.


What is „typical German“ for you?

Soccer – beer – „White Sausage (Weisswurst) – cars – success.


How many times did you make holiday in Germany?

Ten times.


What comes into your mind when you think of Germany?



What do you like most about Germany?

Many Germans have become friends of mine.


Which German dish/beverage do you like most?

German Riesling Wine.


Which German dialect to you like most?

The Cologne dialect.


What would you like to experience during your next holiday in Germany?

A soccer match of the Bundesliga.

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